TËNK: What’s new on March 26

Between Calculus and Random by Jürg Egli (2018) 

This week, Tënk is pleased to announce a new lineup with the addition of five documentaries to discover on its platform from March 26 to May 22. 

●● Between Calculus and Random by Jürg Egli, 90 min, 2018

Two artists, Beat Zoderer and Nik Bärtsch, are brought together for a studio session. A cinematic performance of exceptional intensity.Prize for Best Essay, FIFA 2018.

●● The Train to Moscow by Federico Ferrone and Michele Manzolini, 68 min, 2013

The end of an era and the end of a dream through the eyes of Sauro Ravaglia, an Italian amateur filmmaker, barber and communist.

●● The Memories of Angels by Luc Bourdon, 80 min, 2008

This visual love letter crafted by filmmaker Luc Bourdon uses clips from 120 NFB films to pay tribute to the city of Montreal in the ’50s and ’60s.

●● Judith Butler, Philosophical Encounters of the Third Kind by Paule Zajdermann, 52 min, 2006

Portrait of one of the leading theoreticians of gender studies, a discipline dealing with sex and gender as a social and historical issue.

●● Ville souterraine by Marc Antoine Granier, 50 min, 2019

🔉 AudioSound documentary

Soviet garage towns tell thirty years of the underground history of capitalist Russia. Here, mutual aid and instinct for survival are still alive. The Human Voice Archives Prize, Phonurgia Nova Awards 2019. (Only available in French)

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