Modigliani et ses secrets @ FIFA

Italian painter and sculptor Amadeo Modigliani is a name which probably sits right beneath Renoir, Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso in regards to name recognition. His paintings hang in all the big museums

Jacques Loeuille attempts to show the man behind the painter/sculptor. Everyone has their secrets whether you are a famous artist or not but we soon discover that this guy is chock full of mystery.

At the time Modigliani was thought of as bohemian, a rather tortured soul. The more he painted the more that part of the legend grew. Here we learn that a lot of that was a misunderstanding. Both the man and the art he produced were not truly understood.

Born in Italy in 1884, that is where Modigliani began his career as an artist and his deep love for the masters of the Italian Renaissance began. Then moved on to Paris where he began to work as a sculptor and a painter who specialized in portraits. At the time he was thought of as one thing so no one really dug any deeper. They just chalked him up as a cursed artist. In actuality, they came to this conclusion without really knowing much about the man. Even since his death in 1920 and the fact that he left no writing behind, we have not learnt anything else. Up until recently, that is.

Today, with all the advances and technology they have begun to take another look at Modigliani’s work. A few years back his paintings began to sell for millions and art historians decided to take a deeper dive into who the man really was. They began to look again on his early years, relationships and who influenced him as an artist. At the same time using the advances made in science they also began to look deeper at 26 of his paintings and 3 sculptures which are part of French public collections.

The film, directed by Montrealer Jacques Loeuill, uses interviews with art experts, archival images and radio talks which dealt with the artist and his paintings. All this in an attempt to get to the man behind paintings. Showing us sides of one of the better known contemporary artists of the 20th century.

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