The Maison Théâtre reopens on April 9 and presents its spring 2021 season

Four shows on the program from April to June

for 1-year-olds to 17-year-olds

Maison Théâtre is very happy to finally be able to reopen its doors and is looking forward to welcoming the family and school audience back to its closed hall for several months. With recent government guidelines authorizing the upcoming reopening of the red zone venues, the Maison Théâtre will be able to present four of the eight artistic proposals planned for its winter-spring 2021 season. These shows, which run from April 9 to June 20, will reach young people of all ages. Tickets go on sale Monday, March 22 at noon.


JUSQU’AU BOUT – New prodution!

Théâtre Bluff in co-production with Le Grand Bleu and les Coups de Théâtre, Momix and Compli’Cité (France)

April 9-11

All public from the age of 14


Text: Luc Tartar
Director and collaboration on the text: Eric Jean
Cast: Nicolas CentenoClaudia Chillis-RivardSamuel DécarySteven-Lee Potvin and Anka Rouleau

At the opening of a construction site, two skeletons are discovered on a wasteland. The news of this exceptional archaeological discovery travels the world and this shock wave deeply affects five characters whose lives will be turned upside down by the event.

After the resounding success of S’embras, the author Luc Tartar and the director Eric Jean are reunited by the Theatre Bluff for this show created following workshops with different groups of young people. On stage, in a kind of intergenerational polyphony, slices of life resonate and respond in a fluid but percussive language, a rhythmic poetic joust, which suggests the urgency to say, to live.


Production Theatre Le Clou

April 17-18

For 10 to 14 year olds


Text and lyrics: Rebecca Déraspe
Directing and scenography: Sylvain Scott
Music and sound environment: Chloé Lacasse and Benoit Landry
Cast: Édith ArvisaisSimon Labelle-Ouimet and Renaud Paradise
Music on stage: Jean-François De Bellefeuille or Benoit Landry

What if William Shakespeare’s great texts were in fact the work of his twin sister Margaret? Yet in England, in the 16th century, it was not only forbidden for women to perform in theatre, but those who could read and write were accused of witchcraft and could be condemned to the pyre. When he discovers his sister’s exceptional talent, William is torn between his desire to protect her and his desire to make her words shine.

A funny and touching historical fiction, this musical theatre production takes a close look at the place of women in society. Here is a unique opportunity to see this award-winning and unanimously acclaimed work, presented to sold out at the Maison Théâtre in the winter of 2019.


Theatre Samsara in co-production with L’Arrière Scène

May 5-23

For 5 to 10 year olds


Concept: Liliane Boucher and Jean-François Guilbault
Director: Liliane Boucher
Cast: Jean-François GuilbaultPhilomène Lévesque-Rainville and Guillaume St-Amand

Two characters are delivered on stage all packed. On the box of one is written “Watch out” and on the box of the other, “Fragile”. A bit like the first man and woman in the Amazon era, this expressive duo gradually becomes familiar with its space and language, and discovers a catalog of objects more tempting than the other…

Between laughter and indignation, this highly tasty clown theatre show – in which burlesque situations follow one another at the same rate as the disposable glasses used – tackles the now inescapable subject of overconsumption and its excesses.


Production The Incomplete

June 12-20

For 1 to 4 year olds


Idea and direction: Josiane BernierAudrey Marchand and Laurence P Lafaille
Cast: Annabelle Pelletier Legros or Sarah Villeneuve-Desjardins

Evoking the daily life that flows with the waves for the fisherman’s wife, this solo without words offers a sensory and contemplative experience. In an intimate space incorporating video landscape and sound spatialization, young and small will be lulled as much by the echo of the coastline as by undulating images. Immersive contemporary technologies, perfectly suited to very young children, combines here the beauty of the elements of nature that chant coastal life.


From April 28 to June 11, the Maison Théâtre and théâtre des Petites Souls offer to daycares and CPEs with a courtyard or private field an outdoor artistic performance, designed to meet young people in the context of health instructions and offer them a moment of laughter, sharing and magic: TIRE-TOI A BÛCHE!

Around the fire, safe, children must choose stones that inspire objects and characters, all pieces of an amazing collective story coming to life, in sounds and images, before the curious and amazed eyes. To this performance are added a participatory song to move their feet, as well as a time of exchange with the storyteller during their morning snack.


Production Théâtre des Petites Âmes

April 28 to June 11

For daycares and CPEs with a yard or outdoor land


Spring 2021 programming is available online:

Tickets go on sale Monday, March 22 at noon.


Each of the shows has been adapted to respect the distance rules. In order to ensure the safety of all, the health measures established by the Direction de la santé publique are rigorously put in place at the Maison Théâtre. Among other things, a procedural mask must be worn at all times, even during the performance; it is mandatory for 10 years and over and strongly suggested for 2 to 9 year olds.

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