Cité des Sciences Paris to launch Renaissances virtual and real exhibition about the world’s possible futures

Renaissances is an exhibition that will open online with an innovative digital replica on 6 April, followed by the physical exhibition planned for 15 June

(depending on Covid-19 restrictions for the physical version).

The exhibition aimed at visitors aged 12 years and older, will be launched on 6 April.

e exhibition which is accessible in English, French and Spanish looks at how the world is facing greater threats than ever today; pollution, climate change, overconsumption of resources and energy, the pandemic, social inequalities and so on.

The situation raises questions, expectations and hopes, but also individual and collective concerns and fears, which must be addressed if we are to take a positive view of the future.

Renaissances challenges our relationships with the present and future by plunging visitors into three fictional worlds set in 2023, 2029 and 2045.

In counterpoint, we turn to scientists and specialists from varied backgrounds. This gives the visitor – in turn player, decisionmaker, influencer, co-builder and thinker – an opportunity to analyse his emotions and master their perceptions of the world in the future.

Innovative in terms of its subject and formats, Renaissances presents stories that combine reality and fiction. Each one is an experience enabling us to analyse our reactions and our ability to adapt to the context of the 21st century. The exhibition employs brand-new narrative and predictive approaches; the use of fiction will inspire strong emotions and stir the imagination of each visitor. Its itinerary includes alternate possible hypotheses and pauses for reflection, encouraging introspection.

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