ACHTUNG FILM! – a series of German film screenings by the Goethe Institute in April at Cinema du Parc

The Goethe-Institut’s series of screenings

ACHTUNG FILM!  – Light on contemporary German cinema

Back in April with two films:

COCOON by Leonie Krippendorf


Online on the Park Cinema platform

April 9-19

The Goethe-Institut Montréal is pleased to announce the return of its series of monthly screenings ACHTUNG FILM!  – Light on contemporary German cinema with two titles presented online in April: COCOON by Leonie Krippendorf, presented at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema and the Berlinale in 2020, and the documentary WALCHENSEE FOREVER by Janna Ji Wonders, recipient of the Compass Perspektive at the Berlin Film Festival in 2020. Between April 9 and 19, the films will be available on the screening platform of the Cinema du Parc in Montreal and accessible from across Canada.

The programming reflects the lives and loves of different generations of women in Germany. The dreams of Kreuzberg’s youth meet the ideals of the Bavarian hippie movement and, although there are now nearly 60 years between these generations, the desires of the time reflect the concerns of today’s youth.

COCOON by Leonie Krippendorf, presented at the last edition of the Festival du Nouveau Cinema, tells the tender love story of two young women during a Berlin summer, between afternoons at the pool and evenings on the rooftops of the German capital. It stars young German actresses Lena Urzendowsky and Lena Klenke, seen in the Netflix series How to sell drugs online (fast).

In WALCHENSEE FOREVER, Janna Ji Wonders portrays four generations of women from her own family, whose lives revolve around a traditional Bavarian inn on Lake Walchen. The film won the Bavarian Film Award for Best Documentary and the Compass Perspektive Award at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2020.

Both films will be presented in the original German with French and English subtitles, and will be available across Canada online from April 9 to 19 on the Cinema du Parc platform.

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