Jean-Marc Vallée presents
Comme une vague

a film by Marie-Julie Dallaire

A film by Marie-Julie Dallaire
Written by Andrée Blais
Directed by Louis-Martin Paradis
Produced by Alex Sliman (Griffinpark Films)
Cast Patrick Watson, Osunlade, Stéphane Tétreault, Tiana Malone, Nathalie Fernando, Ezra Azmon, Tom Wilder,
Ron Davis Alvarez, Gordon Hempton, Valorie N. Salimpoor

The documentary, which pays tribute to music, gives the floor to speakers from different backgrounds including singer-songwriter Patrick Watson, renowned cellist Stéphane Tétreault, acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton, music therapist Tiana Malone, ethnomusicologist Nathalie Fernando, composer and DJ Osunlade, neuroscience consultant Valorie N. Salimpoor and many others through an immersive soundscape. A unique experience that will allow the viewer to feel the musical thrill in the cinema.

Synopsis : As a wave pays homage to music, this sequence of sounds abstract, immaterial and invisible that provokes in the brain the same reaction as chocolate, sex or drugs. Conceived as a cinematic wave, this documentary takes us from Montreal to Cremona via Sweden, Mexico and the American West Coast to meet fascinating scientists and artists who, from their diverse horizons, illustrate the essential link between rhythm, music, our planet, the brain, daily life and our collective humanity.