TËNK : A programming layover on economic disorders signed by Alain Deneault – from April 9

Our Daily Bread byNikolaus Geyrhalter (2005)


Human migrations, family portraits

and a spotlight on economic disorders signed by Alain Deneault

This week, Tënk is pleased to announce its upcoming documentaries. Available for 8 weeks, the films selected will offer multiple parallels with current affairs.

From April 2 to May 29


Lately, images of Latin American migrants attempting to cross the US border have been making headlines again. In 2017, filmmaker Hubert Caron-Guay made an immersive documentary that described the paths taken by migrants to reach the United States. Destierros plunges into the heart of the confusion and dangers of the migratory route. A must-see to understand this complex issue.


Many auteur documentaries address broader questions through the intimate. With The Saint of the Thugs, filmmaker Maïlys Audouze questions resilience and transmission through the experience of her father being locked up in a children’s penitentiary. Émilie Serri, for her part, deals with cultural belonging through a film collage, interweaving family archives and found images of Syria. No Time for Tomorrow is a family film made from borrowed material, a testimony to the effects of exile.


In La vraie vie, an NFB gemby Jacques Vallée, hundreds of Montrealers gather all summer on an organized campsite. This 1971 postcard introduces the daily life of the Deux-Montagnes campsite, where city dwellers recreate outdoors the atmosphere in which they live in the city. With his film Le temps qu’il faitSylvain L’Espérance weaves a mosaic of stories in which the dreams and disappointments of Nestor, Lei, Pierrette, Mohamed and Hafida intersect… Between the emerging new economic order and their lives, resistance takes shape.

From April 9 to June 5


With this programming layover, philosopher Alain Deneault takes a look behind the scenes of a growing economic disorder. His Master’s Voice by Gérard Mordillat and Nicolas Philibert, a flagship film released in 1978, allows one to grasp from within the discourse of employers in the light of liberal neoliberalism. California Company Town by Lee Anne Schmitt takes an inquisitive look at the landscape of California towns abandoned by the industries that created them – once thriving cities, now haunted by the decline of the American promise.

One of the sectors most affected by the neoliberal economy is undoubtedly the food sector. For two years, Nikolaus Geyrhalter has placed his camera at the heart of the largest European agricultural groups to film Our Daily Bread, a dystopian cinematic epic. With the astounding film The DispossessedMathieu Roy invites the public to discover the modern peasantry in various countries and to understand its relationship with the economic crisis, the rural exodus and the decline in natural resources.

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