Over the last two decades the advertising industry has evolved at breakneck speed. Overnight things which were popular one day become obsolete the next. That is due to the rapid changes in regards to technology. It has moved on from television advertising to the internet now being the means of reaching people.

Companies and advertisers used to reach out to people via television, radio and print. Now it is all about digital. This is a means in which you can engage people and involve them in what you are doing/trying to sell. We see how those in the advertising industry have attempted to keep up with all the fast paced changes. How they have had to use the technology in association with their creative sides. A cool mixture of art and science.

Within the advertising industry there are all kinds of companies – small and large and those which are completely digital while others who use traditional methods. We get a behind the scenes look here are what drives the pistons of advertising. Interviews with developers, designers, founders, and creative directors show us how they think and work. The innovation is sometimes astounding.

We soon begin to realize that more shifting and reshifting goes on in advertising than with bored kids in church pews on Sundays. How these humans/workers deal with the unending cycle of change. Working in an environment like this really does weed out the weak from the herd. It is an adapt or be spit out kind of world. Some manage to not only adapt, but they are able to thrive under such pressure. Despite the challenges and uncertainty. Underneath it all we see the adaptability of humans; why we have been able to thrive and rule the planet for as long as we have.

Quickly into this documentary we understand that the shifts and evolution going on within advertising will always be the way. Nature of the beast. During this time of COVID the call to technology has only deepened and accelerated. Customers are staying in their homes more than ever. They have to be reached there. Brands have acknowledged the power of technology.

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