TËNK: What’s new on April 9

This week on Tënk, philosopher Alain Deneault presents a spotlight on the economy. Through a selection of five films, this stopover tackles various global issues related to the excesses of capitalism. From an unhinged agri-food industry to ultramodern business management methods, this spotlight deciphers a world out of whack. It notably features a cult film that created a lot of buzz when it was released, Gérard Mordillat & Nicolas Philibert’s His Master’s Voice, which allows us to grasp from within the discourse of employers in the light of neoliberalism.

●● The Dispossessed by Mathieu Roy, 182 minutes, 2017

A documentary that bears witness to the global food crisis, seen from the point of view of the peasantry. The film invites the public to discover the modern peasantry in various countries and to understand its relationship with the economic crisis, the rural exodus and the decline of natural resources.

●● Work Hard, Play Hard by Carmen Losmann, 91 minutes, 2011

Mobility, teleworking, open spaces, flexibility: a film about modern management methods and the establishment of a total working world.

●● California Company Town by Lee Anne Schmitt, 76 minutes, 2008

An inquisitive look at the landscape of California towns abandoned by the industries that created them – once thriving cities, now haunted by the decline of the American promise.

●● Our Daily Bread by Nikolaus Geyrhalter, 92 minutes, 2005

For two years, Nikolaus Geyrhalter has placed his camera at the heart of the largest European agricultural groups, which are supposed to bring us our daily bread.

●● His Master’s Voice by Gérard Mordillat and Nicolas Philibert, 96 minutes, 1978

The titans of 12 major companies talk directly to the camera. Power, hierarchy, unions, strikes, self-management… Under the managerial discourse, the image of a future world is gradually revealed, the foundations of which are already visible today.

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