We all like that sense of satisfaction which comes about when you make something with your own two hands. Whether it be a loaf of bread, a sweater, a painting, a bookcase or a website. Pride wells up from within. Especially when it is something which most people, including ourselves, enjoy but usually buy. This is true of beer. While not everyone is a beer drinker those who do indulge are usually passionate about it. That relationship some have with beer has led to the whole craft brew industry. Here courtesy of an engaging story by director Christo Brock (Touch the Wall) we learn all about the American craft beer industry/community.

A huge industry now, the origins of the American craft beer movement began with a small group of individuals who dreamed of making great beer. Their own great beer right in their own homes. Little by little they got better and as their friends drank their home brews next came the question “This is really good! Why don’t you sell your beer?” And so it began.

All this led not only to a whole new industry but a reimagining of what beer actually is and can be. All this grew out of a little passion and rebellion. Americans have long been known for doing their own thing, being rebels of a sort. This has grown exponentially and over the last four decades has become a rather large industry.

Here we look at two different groups of American craft brewers. Both located on the west coast or more specifically in Long Beach, California. A father-son duo, who repaired their broken relationship over their common love of making beer, who are trying with help from their entire family and a former musician and a couple of his friends who are attempting to bring to fruition their passion for beer by opening their own small brewery. We see the struggles and pitfalls while always knowing that they will not give up until they make their own beer in order to bring it to other beer lovers.

An independently made documentary…kinda like the beer crafters…making your own thing out of a passion for what you do. Hard not to get all caught up in it. For fans of beer or those who aren’t.

The documentary is now available on Apple TV/iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Vimeo on Demand.

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