Online Cinema DAFilms Launches Two-Week, Five-Film Radu Jude Retrospective With Live Conversation

Radu Jude: Forget About These Films!

A special anti-fascist message from Radu Jude to DAFilms viewers here:

Streaming service DAFilms, the VOD platform of the festival association Doc Alliance, will host an online retrospective of five films from Radu Jude to celebrate his Golden Bear for Best Film for Bad Luck Banging, or Looney Porn (2021). This special program will run from Friday 16th to 30th April 2021 and includes the online debut of his 2020 The Exit of the Trains (Berlinale Forum) in certain territories. Accompanying the launch of this special programme of the Romanian auteur filmmaker’s work will be a live online conversation with respected Argentinian critic, programmer, and filmmaker Lucía Salas.

The live discussion with Radu Jude, moderated by Salas, will be freely available on Facebook and on DAFilms Live on Monday 19th April at 13:00 EST / 10:00 PT. The discussion will be held in English. During the stream, viewers will be able to submit their own questions.

From Friday April 16, viewers can discover an eclectic mix of films from the acclaimed Romanian auteur filmmaker, which DAFilms will host as a single program only until April 30. As Radu Jude revealed in the special message he recorded for DAFilms viewers to anticipate this event, the focus of his work on pointedly not forgetting right-wing terror waged in the past against innocents still incites outraged reactions in some of the more fascistic corners of the internet. In his e-invitation to DAFilms viewers, Jude gladly quoted from a hateful ode dedicated to him, which he found on the website of right-wing extremists: “You, cinephile, if you care who finances films, wish him to rest in peace and
forget what he’s done.”

Jude continues: “So, in order to forget what I have done, you should first see these films, and then can you forget them.”

“Radu Jude is one of the few directors whose work defies easy classification. Each new title shifts his style in a different direction, often radically so. We are pleased that, in light of his Berlinale triumph with Bad Luck Banging, or
Looney Porn, we can engage the audience in an alternative dialogue with Jude and his work during this live stream, introducing them to his lesser-known documentaries and short films, as well as reminding everybody of his truly original sense of humour,” says Diana Tabakov, Executive Director of DAFilms.

Radu Jude has been one of the world’s most sought-after filmmakers since receiving the Silver Bear Award at the Berlinale for The Happiest Girl in the World. With each subsequent film, he expanded his profile at the world’s most prestigious festivals, forging a path of real originality, historical seriousness, and of course humour. This circuitous journey was capped off last month, when he received the Golden Bear for Best Film at the Berlinale for his film Bad Luck Banging, or Looney Porn.

Throughout it all, Jude has remained one of the freest filmmakers working today, blending documentary and fictional styles with creativity and abandon. In 2017, he made the film The Dead Nation, revealing the horrors of Romanian fascism and the Holocaust. The theme of this film, and the style of using historical photographs to illuminate a past and indeed build a film

Titles in the DAFilms RetrospectiveRadu Jude: Forget About These Films!
● The Exit of the Trains (Iesirea trenurilor din gara) – 2020
● The Dead Nation (Țara moartă) – 2018
● The Marshall’s Two Executions (Cele doua executii ale Maresalului) – 2018
● It Can Pass Through the Wall (Trece si prin perete) – 2014
● Alexandra – 2007

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