Arlo the Alligator Boy – Netflix

An animated film done in old school 2D animated style and a musical. An intriguing mixture. Everything here is fun – the songs, the characters, the setting, the animation…everything. It is the type of film which will have a smile planted on your face from the first five minutes until the credits at the end.

Unlike many musicals, the songs here elevate matters and does not bog that story down. It is obviously aimed at young people but will not be annoying for older folks to watch.

After being discovered floating along in the bayou, Arlo (voiced by Michael J. Woodard – first film), a half human, half alligator. is raised by Edmee (voiced by Annie Potts – from television’s Designing Women). After some years pass Arlo, who loves to sing, decides it is time to leave the comfort of the bayou. What leads him to make this choice is the news from Edmee that he has a father who lives in New York City.

He sets off to look for Ansel Beauregard (voiced by Vincent Rodriguez III – from television’s My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend). Along the way he makes friends with a host of characters – Teeny Tiny Tony (voiced by Tony Hale – from television’s Veep), Bertie (voiced by Mary Lambert – first film) and

With this animated film filled with song and dance you get plenty of heart along with a beautiful/important message about being true to yourself. It is not without it flaws including too many characters in a relatively short time and not enough time to spend developing these characters, but the flaws are small in comparison to the good things about Arlo the Alligator Boy.

Next up for Arlo the Alligator Boy is a series 20 episodes long which will be available on Netflix as well.

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