Hollow Point

Regret. It is an emotion you should avoid because it really possesses no redeeming value. With that in mind my advice about Daniel Zirilli’s (Acceleration, The Stonecutter) Hollow Point. I don’t take lightly not recommending people watch any film as I know the work that goes into making a film and that the arts are all about different strokes for different folks. But this is one of those no brainers….in many ways.

Films begin with the script; this is logical. It is the ground that everything that follows springs up from. If that is not good then you are screwed. Even if you are a great filmmaker and have a talented cast. Before you even begin the film is doomed. Hollow Point was written by brothers Chad and Evan Law (wrote Six Bullets and Jarhead 3: The Siege), who are veteran screenwriters. What they have churned out is a story with tons of holes and is quite predictable. Which leads to a lot of questions, and not the good kind, and followed by boredom.

An unspeakable horror happens to Hank (Luke Goss – Blade II, Traffik) when his wife and daughter are brutally murdered. The city they live in. Los Angeles, has been overrun with crime. Overcome by grief, Hank decides to exact revenge on those who killed his loved ones. In doing so he finds himself caught in between the criminals and a group of vigilantes.

Most things about this film will look like they were done cheaply and quickly. Not good descriptors when it comes to films. All including special effects, credits, production, and even editing. The only redeeming quality here are some of the hand to hand fights. Some cool stuff there.

This is a b-movie. Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Some b-movies, despite their small budgets and cheesiness, are enjoyable. Such is not the case here.

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