Shawarma Spice Pie, Aleppo spice pig’s leg stew, sumac-flavoured potatoes, coriander-scented turkey, halloumi beetroot salad and dried mint. If you can’t fly this year, why not travel with your senses? Middle Eastern flavours awaits you this spring with the new spice sets of the Fattoush Girls. As part of the international movement to help Syrian refugees, Les Filles Fattoush is a social enterprise that offers employment to new Syrian arrivals from Quebec. The women’s empowerment initiative builds on the know-how, culture and desire to share these women. It’s all part of Syrian cuisine.

Discover their new features: blends of spices with shawarma and shish-taouk ($25) for grills to impress the gallery, find the essentials of Middle Eastern cuisine pomegranate molasses, zaatar, sumac and spices of Aleppo ($50) and the duo pomegranate molasses and zaatar ($32). This year, The Fattoush Girls have everything you need to allow you to spoil your loved ones and thank your hosts, whether your celebrations are virtual or not. It is also possible to order online and have the gift delivered directly to the recipient. Spices are available online at and at various soutlets, on Simons’ La Fabrique 1840, at Avril and in some Metro and IGA grocery stores. points de vente

Photo:Magnan Snow Mary

In addition, the Fattoush Girls catering service is in full swing! Indeed, it is also possible to order every week and … his Syrian Christmas meal for the family or for the office. Online on, home delivery on Fridays.