Mission Impossible – Fallout on Stack TV

Entertaining action film filled with what you have come to expect from the series. Plenty of fights, stunts, chases. Tom Cruise seems to be willing to do whatever stunt the script requires of him. All of this adds up to it being the best Mission: Impossible film yet.

A mission has gone wrong and now it is a race again the clock for Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his IMF team. We are now two years later after Ethan captured Soloman Lane with what remains of his criminal organization now calling themselves the Apostles. They are still up to their malicious ways looking to get their hands on three plutonium cores. Ethan et al. are sent to Berlin to stop them. Having to make a choice, Ethan saves Luther (Ving Rhames – Pulp Fiction, Mission: Impossible II) allowing the Apostles to get away with the plutonium. Because of the foul up the CIA insists that Agent August Walker (Henry Cavill – Man of Steel, Justice League) join the team to help locate the plutonium.

Why does this qualify as the best film in the series, you ask. Well, maybe it is because it knows what it is and doesn’t try to be anything else. The film series exists just to entertain in an adrenaline pumping kind of way. Action is piled upon crazy stunt which is layered upon hand to hand combat. Nothing out of the ordinary; they just keep it simple. Why are we not tired of it then if it is just more of the same, is the next question. That is probably because Tom Cruise has perfected this character. Ethan Hunt is right in his wheelhouse (action without tons of dialogue) and whenever he assumes it the feeling is like he is just putting on a second skin. Total comfort with the character he is portraying. He knows what he is doing and makes us believe in it totally. Plus the fact that he is willing to risk life and limb doing most of the stunts himself goes a long way towards the believability factor. Most importantly, those behind the film have recognized that even though this is an action film the quality of script is important. The story is solid.

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