Jon Hamm Featured As Special Guest on 100th Episode of Podcast But Outside

The Monumental Episode of the “Best Video Podcast” (Vulture) Debuts 
Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The comedic duo behind Podcast But Outside, Cole Hersch and Andrew Michaan, celebrate the 100th episode of their hilarious program by welcoming an exceptional guest star, actor Jon Hamm (“Mad Men,” Baby Driver), airing Wednesday, April 21, 2021. The running gag on the podcast since the show began has been Michaan and Hersch’s obsession with running into the renowned actor, and their dream came true when Hamm finally agreed to “walk by” and sit down for an interview.

Podcast But Outside takes the overdone medium of indoor podcasting and throws it to the wild world of outside, inviting anybody who strolls by to tell their story and dig deeper into the fascinating life of the passing stranger. Started by Michaan and Hersch in 2019, the show has amassed quite a following with more than 1M monthly listens and views between their YouTube channel and podcast platforms. Podcast But Outside has over 630k followers across TwitterInstagramTik Tok and Youtube, with several viral clips reaching hundreds of millions of views and garnering tens of millions of likes. 

“Since episode one we’ve always instinctively known that Jon Hamm would be the best possible guest for our show,” said co-host Andrew Michaan. “After he sat down with us for an hour, I’ve gotta say we must be geniuses because we were totally right.” 

“It’s really very fitting that Hamm agreed to join us for our 100th episode,” added co-host Cole Hersch.  “To me, Jon Hamm has always been the perfect man; he’s got the perfect look, the perfect height, and the perfect voice, so it would only make sense that he’d be the perfect guest for our perfect show.”

Based in Los Angeles, Podcast But Outside features spontaneous interviews with strangers in a variety of locations, including Knott’s Berry Farm, a Trump rally, an Olive Garden, the beach, strangers’ weddings,  a vaccine line, and more. In an effort to maintain their ethical superiority, the hosts pay each guest one dollar to be featured on the show.

For more information about Podcast But Outside and to check out full episodes, you can find them on all podcast platforms or at

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