OVID’s May Releases

They’re offering a preview of the wide-ranging films coming to OVID in May! There are exclusive streaming premieres including Jill Li’s “Lost Course,” Marco Bellocchio’s “Devil in the Flesh,” Resnais & Schoendoerffer restorations, the Dance Camera West Festival, and so much more.

Check out the schedule and read about the forthcoming films on our blog, metafilm.
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Highlights include:

May 4th: Jill Li’s Golden Horse Award-winning documentary Lost Course (OVID Exclusive, Streaming Premiere), shows an unprecedented experiment in local democracy in a small fishing village in China. The Los Angeles Times proclaims it to be, “the most rewarding of personal, verité-driven lenses.”

May 6th: Two docs by Alain Resnais—Paul Gauguin (OVID Exclusive, Streaming Premiere, New Restoration!), illustrated by the famed artist’s paintings and diary entries, and Guernica (OVID Exclusive, Streaming Premiere, Restored!) chronicling the 1937 attack on the small Spanish town bombed by Hitler in support of Franco, which was the subject of Picasso’s 1937 painting.

May 7th: Dance Camera West Festival 2021 (OVID Exclusive, Streaming Premiere), showcases a collection of dance films set in places ranging from remote natural landscapes, to cities and studios around the world.

May 13th: The Films of Eugenio Polgovsky (OVID Exclusive, Streaming Premiere) including Tropic of CancerThe Inheritors and others.

May 14th: Marco Bellocchio’s Devil in the Flesh (OVID Exclusive, Streaming Premiere), which caused a critical uproar upon its release in 1986 due to its highly-charged political and sexually frank subject matter.

May 28th: Pierre Schoendoerffer’s Le Crabe-Tambour and The 317th Platoon, both OVID Exclusives, Streaming Premieres and New Restorations.

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