The way that you can, as a film viewer, handle over the top performances and a rather silly story is if it has plenty of heart going for it. Made on a shoestring budget, YouthMin, directed by Jeff Ryan (Mass Hysteria) and Arielle Cimino (Mass Hysteria) does not have high production value, but what it does have a lot of is enthusiasm and heart.

Pastor Dave (Jeff Ryan) is one competitive guy. He will do anything to win the annual youth church group competition at Camp Changed. He, new and very pregnant youth group leader Rachel (Tori Hines – Bonding) and six young people from the youth group at Bethany Church head off to Vermont to compete for the trophy.

The theme this year is unity. Something that does not even scratch the surface for a couple of teams. Bethany Church and Redeemed are fiercely competitive. Each team will do anything to win.

Lots of satirical films have a harsh side to them. Not this one. It is all laughs with heart. Done in a mockumentary style, YouthMin centers around the character of Pastor Dave, even though this is about a youth group camp. His ridiculous behaviour provides a launching pad for the entire story. Dave is a buffoon yet still likable. You will alternately be chuckling and cringing. Dumb is often entertaining. Despite all the archetypes and stereotypes found here it still mostly hits the mark.