Oscar Award winner Helen Hunt has kept busy since her win in As Good As It Gets 1997. Quietly though. Other than her second nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category for the film The Sessions in 2012, the work she has done has kept her largely off the Hollywood radar. This film, which she wrote, directed and stars in, is another in the line of decent films which not many people will see.

Originally released in 2014, it tells the tale of a career driven divorced woman who focuses a lot of her attention on her son. Working in a high power position in New York, Jackie (played by Helen Hunt), is very disappointed when her son (played by Brenton Thwaites) tells her he is moving to California, dropping out of school to live with his father and just surf. Unacceptable in Jackie’s books.

So she travels across the country to California to keep and eye on him. Can you say helicopter mother? While trying to remain in the shadows as she basically spies on her adult son, she finds herself becoming friends with the driver (played by David Zayas) she has hired and falling for the younger guy (played by Luke Wilson) who is teaching her how to surf. A woman out of her element and finding out new things about herself, including how to live her life for herself rather than her child or work.

A mostly entertaining look at a woman (of a certain age) realizing that life is to be enjoyed and that being hugely competitive is not everything. Also, a woman who has built her life around her son learning how to accept he is his own person and it is okay to let go a little. What does a mother do when it becomes apparent that she doesn’t need to mother anymore? Sure it is a little too predictable and unrealistic in the way it ties up the happy ending in a nice bow, but still an enjoyable watch.

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