That’s it! Café Binocle becomes the first micro-roaster offering 100% carbon-neutral coffee in Quebec. Although it plays a prominent role in our daily lives, coffee has important environmental and ethical issues. Tackling them head-on with determination and an uncompromising approach was a major challenge. Café Binocle finally solves this important dilemma. Zero-emission roasting and delivery, carbon-neutral production and import, 100% compostable packaging, and socio-responsible trade are at the heart of this unique approach in Quebec, led by Montreal director and entrepreneur Yuri Philippe Paillé.

Binocle is proud to present its exclusive range of climate-positive and socio-ethical coffees. On the website, find the six different products: Guatemala, Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil and Tanzania, as well as a Homemade Brazil-Guatemala blend priced at $22 for 300g bags or $105 for a 5 lb bag. Delivery is always free and always zero emissions.

Photo credit: Roxanne Martel

Unlike traditional micro-roasters, the equipment used at Café Binocle runs on electric power and emits no greenhouse gas emissions. Binocle is the first micro-roaster in Quebec to use the revolutionary “Bellwether” machine, reputed to be the most environmentally friendly roaster in the world. 

Pursuing an eco-responsible vision, Café Binocle collaborates with importers with superior and innovative ethical practices as well as sustainable farms where the remuneration and living conditions of producers are truly documented and fair. Delivery, in partnership with Courant Plus, is done entirely by bicycle or electric vehicle, all over the territory of Greater Montreal. Binocle coffees are certified carbon, processing, import, storage, roasting, packaging, until delivery (certification verified by the firm LCL environment). Binocle goes even further, doubling its greenhouse gas compensation with Carbone Boréal, giving it exemplary status as a “climate preventer”.

Now, how does this emeritus director of advertising and music video decide to let go of everything and get into the coffee business … in the midst of a pandemic? Always passionate about the world of coffee, Yuri Philippe Paillé co-founded the student café “Equitable” at the Cégep de Sherbrooke. Fifteen years later, in 2018, Yuri jointly launches a microbrewery located in Sainte-Flavie: Le Ketch: Microbrewery du Littoral. The property quickly became a success and a must stop for tourists and locals. The entrepreneurial fiber comes alive in Yuri and containment becomes the nest of an original socio-responsible and ecologically revolutionary idea. This is how Café Binocle was born, a micro-roasting house open to the world, with a strong socio-environmental mission and uncompromising coffee.