13 NOMINATIONS for IRIS Awards including Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay

The film SOUTERRAIN will be screened across the province on June 4. The feature film directed and scripted by Sophie Dupuis, whose release has been postponed many times because of the pandemic since last October, was presented at the opening night of Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma a few days ago and is nominated for no less than 13 awards as part of the IRIS Awards to be presented on June 6th.

Maxime is a young Valdorian who works in a gold mine. Through several difficulties in his life, he will question his definition of masculinity. And it is in the strong fraternity that unites all his colleagues in the mine that he will find the support necessary to overcome a stubborn sense of guilt that prevents him from attaining happiness. Until the day an explosion breaks out underground. As part of the rescue mission, Maxime descends into the den of the mine with the firm intention of bringing each of his living colleagues to the surface.

After representing Canada in the race for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Feature Film with her first film CHIEN DE GARDE, Sophie Dupuis returns to her native region for this second feature film, which offers us a foray into the daily life of the miners of Val d’Or and highlights the contrast between the harshness of the underground settings and the great humanity of the men who work there. The film features Joakim Robillard, Theodore Pellerin and James Hyndman all 3 nominated for the IRIS for New Comer of the Year and IRIS and Best Male Performance | Supporting role. Guillaume Cyr, Catherine Trudeau, Mickael Gouin, Chantal Fontaine, Bruno Marcil and Jean L’Italian complete the cast.