Queen Marie

Watching this I kept thinking it was a British period piece. If not for the fact that they were speaking Romanian on occasion….that being said, it was a film with the stodgy tone of a portion of British costume dramas. As stuffy and staid as those rooms which men in said periods used to retire to in order to be away from women and play cards and smoke. A little stale smelling…

Here we have a Romanian historical drama about royalty directed by an Italian, Alexis Sweet Cahill. He has largely made his living directing television series, but here he is attempting a lavish period drama. The subject of this historical drama is Romania’s Queen Marie.

After World War I Romania was a country devastated. Political unrest was afoot. Its return to stability is laid at the feet of its Queen Marie (Roxana Lupu) after the Prime Minister fails. Queen Marie was British born and the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She is tasked with travelling to Paris in 1919 to attempt to get them to accept the idea that the areas of Transylvania and others be incorporated within Romania’s borders. These are going to be vital peace talks for several reasons for the Romanians.

Scene from “Queen Marie of Romania.”

Based on a true story. I am guessing that the actual story, the story on paper, is more interesting than the way it is presented in this film. It is presented in an almost soap opera style. Without all the over the top drama unfortunately.

Unless you go into this with a fair amount of knowledge about WWI then this film will do nothing to help you flesh out these details.Very superficially explained. Gives you no context for what is taking place in the film. This lack of elaboration extends to all the characters but the lead one. They are all just superficially

All this plus it insults your intelligence a little as well. Here we are expected to believe that a monarch who is not only undervalued because she is a woman but possesses little to no power globally is able to get leaders of different countries in rooms alone and then proceeds to pull the wool over their eyes. Disappointing to have some of the more important leaders of the era reduced to mere puddles of themselves.

Don’t be like these world leaders and allow yourself to be bamboozled by the beautiful sets and elaborate costumes from the period, those are done well, but alas the film as a whole isn’t.

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