Overconsumption explained to children in the show Attention: Fragile




MAY 7-23

MAISON THÉÂTRE is pleased to present the play ATTENTION: FRAGILE from Friday, May 7th until May 23rd. After reopening its doors on April 9, the Maison Théâtre continues the programming of its 2021 season. Additional performances have already been added following the public’s request for this show for children aged 5 to 10, which mischievously addresses the theme of overconsumption.


Samsara Theatre in co-production with L’Arrière Scène

May 7-23

For 5 to 10 year olds


Script: Liliane Boucher and Jean-François Guilbault
Director: Liliane Boucher
Cast: Jean-François GuilbaultPhilomène Lévesque-Rainville and Guillaume St-Amand

Two characters are delivered on stage all packed. On the box of one is written “Watch out” and on the box of the other, “Fragile”. A bit like the first man and woman in the Amazon era, this expressive duo gradually becomes familiar with its space and language, and discovers a catalog of objects one more tempting than the other…

Between laughter and indignation, this highly tasty humour based theatre show – in which burlesque situations follow one another at the same rate as the disposable glasses used – tackles the now inescapable subject of overconsumption and its excesses.

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