TËNK: What’s new on May 7

Tënk is pleased to present five new documentaries to discover from May 7 to July 3. On the occasion of HOT DOCS which is currently being held online, Tënk is highlighting three films that stood out at the festival last year, including Don’t Worry, the Doors Will Open by Ukrainian-born Montrealer Oksana Karpovych. Winner of an award at the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) and an honourable mention at HOT DOCS 2020, the film takes us on a journey through Ukraine, presenting a humane portrait of a post-Soviet society on the move.

●● êmîcêtôcêt: Many Bloodlines by Theola Ross, 11 min, 2020

A Cree female director and her white girlfriend document their pregnancy and journey to parenthood. Best Canadian Short Documentary, Hot Docs 2020

●● Don’t Worry, the Doors Will Openby Oksana Karpovych, 76 min, 2019

An atmospheric portrait of Ukrainian society through travels on electrychka, i.e. suburban trains dating from the Soviet era. Honourable mention: Emerging Canadian Filmmaker, Hot Docs 2020

●● Mother-Child by Andrea Testa, 66 min, 2019

Through the stories of young adolescent girls, an intimate look at forced motherhood and illegal abortions in Argentina. Best Mid-Length Documentary Award, Hot Docs 2020

●● Fortunate Son by Tony Asimakopoulos, 82 min, 2011

Guided by his search for happiness, the filmmaker casts a tender gaze on his complicated relationship with his parents, who are Greek immigrants.

●● A Labour of Sharing by Sylvie Van BrabantSerge Giguère and Louise Dugal, 63 min, 1981

Two filmmakers in a relationship are expecting a child. This is an opportunity for them to question the conditions of childbirth in Quebec.


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