Like many of the characters in this highly entertaining series, the seventh and final season of The Good Wife is complex and filled with flaws. Season seven is filled with the unanswered questions, twists and turns which have become a trademark of the show. It never really does the expected or spoon feed viewers. Things are left hanging. So if that does not annoy you and you have been a fan of the series all long then you will enjoy season seven.

The season is comprised of 22 episodes, so they do have time to work through a couple of storylines. As it begins, Alicia (played by Julianna Margulies) is trying to resurrect her damaged law career. She is desperate. The high life of a powerful firm is not in the cards right now for her so she working as a lawyer for hire in bail bond court. Oh how the mighty have fallen! Thankfully there she makes a friend of Lucca Quinn (played by Jumbo Cush), another lawyer working there who shows her the ropes despite the fact that they are competing for the same clients.

Alicia, for the first time in her life, is facing the future alone. She has divorced her husband (played by Chris Noth) and her kids are both either at college or on the verge of going, so she is making a go of it on her own. Throughout the season we then follow along with her struggles. Alicia falls a time or two, but always manages to get up on her feet. She and Lucca start up their own small firm with potential romantic interest Jason (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) working as their investigator. Interesting cases come their way. Cases which bring her in contact with former colleague Diane (played by Christine Baranski) and foe Louis Canning (played by Michael J. Fox). There is never a dull moment in this woman’s life.

The ending will have you debating what is next for Alicia Florick. Several possibilities. Romance with Jason? Continuing to build her own firm? Joining up with Canning? Running for office aided by Eli Gold (played by Ala Cumming)? Show creators Michelle and Peter King never give the viewer the typical or easy.

You can stream season seven on Prime Video.