zo rekenEmanuel Licha’s most recent film, received the prestigious award for Best Canadian Feature Documentary, sponsored by the Documentary Organization of Canada and Telefilm Canada, at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.

Jury statement: “Emanuel Licha uses cinematic metaphor to evoke the dignity of a people and the human trap that is the international aid industrial complex. Its minimalist controlled tableaus and carefully chosen conversations provide an unflinching gaze at the violent, often self-defeating consequences of foreign aid.”

zo reken was presented as an international premiere in the Canadian Spectrum category. The film continues its festival tour this year, and will open in Quebec theatres in 2022.

ZO REKEN (Quebec, Canada. 2021. 86 minutes)

In Port-au-Prince, a humanitarian aid organization’s 4×4 vehicle has been hacked: its Haitian passengers now use it to talk about neocolonialism and to denounce the promises of the international community that were made and never kept. Outside, barricades are erected, and the people cry out in anger.

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