Tënk: What’s new on May 14

Tënk is pleased to present five new documentaries to discover from May 14 to July 10.

●● The Temptation of Reality – The Ghent Altarpiece by the Brothers Van Eyck by Jérôme Laffont and Joachim Thôme, 67 min, 2020

After eight years of restoration, the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb has regained its original splendour. A journey to the heart of this revolutionary work, one of the greatest masterpieces in the history of painting.

●● To the Four Winds by Michel Toesca, 100 min, 2018

Three years with Cédric Herrou, an outlaw who helps migrants in the Roya Valley, located in the south of France, at the border of Italy. A close-up of the “crime of solidarity.”

●● Toré by João Vieira Torres and Tanawi Xucuru Kariri, 16 min, 2015

In the indigenous community of Xukurú Karirí in Brazil, a child watches Fantasia on an old TV.

●● Lucie, Timeless Fighter by Julie Perron, 53 min, 2003

A portrait of French Resistance activist Lucie Aubrac. The power of love, faith in human beings, and solidarity acting as hope.

●● Brand New Day by Amos Gitaï, 90 min, 1987

In Japan, during a tour for their album Revenge, Eurythmics discovers a new world of sounds.

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