Amityville Poltergeist

Amityville…Poltergeist….together? Sigh. Freddy vs. Jason. Terminator vs. Predator. Bringing together two film franchises has traditionally not been a great idea. At all. That tradition continues here. Just an attempt to make money from fans of the horror film series Amityville Horror and Poltergeist.

Simple story of a young guy taking on a job watching an older lady’s house to earn some extra cash. The older woman is going to spend some time at her daughter’s house. She voices that she has not been sleeping well of late as something is going on in her house which is making her not feel safe. But when her daughter asks for clarification she is not able to pinpoint what is making her feel scared. Just that she wants a gun to protect herself.

Shortly after moving into the house the young man realizes that there is something weird going on in the house. Begins to believe that he is not the only one in the house.

Obviously aimed at younger horror fans with all the pot smoking and who is sleeping with who stuff going on, others will feel some nostalgia towards Amityville Poltergeist as it feels like some of the horror films made in the 1980s.

If you can be somewhat discriminating about what you are watching then there are plenty of issues which will become apparent once you start watching. Why the title of the film? There are no poltergeists or ghosts nor does the film take place in Amityville. The inconsistencies don’t stop there. Like the creature in the film poster….never appears in the film.

There is the fact that this is supposed to be a horror film or at least scary. While there are a couple of scenes which verge on creepy, the film is rather light on scares. More attention is paid to dialogue than creating tension.

It is now available on VOD and DVD.