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Introducing Montreal Pop Rock Band

The Sunset Drip’s First Single Where Is The Sun, out now!


Lackhaüs Records! A creative space for artists to express themselves and realize their passion for high quality recordings and media content. Built on a foundation of dedicated artists, and started as a mere idea by Brandon Gear (26) and The Mosquito (26), it grew into a full-fledged business when Alice Slick (24) and Anthony Valmora (25) later joined. Lackhaüs provides an experience like no other, allowing artists to immerse themselves in a forever flowing collective, constantly beaming with bright and passionate ideas. They get to compose freely with a dedicated team and experience their project taking flight.

Lackhaüs is proud to announce the release of Montreal Pop Rock Band The Sunset Drip’s first single, Where is the Sun. The Drip is held together by the sun and the moon, the heavens and hells. Fused together to shake the underworld, this adrenaline-craved triple 7 rips sound straight from the netherrealm. With Earth-shattering licks, beating drums and high energy vocals Brandon Gear, Anthony Valmora and The Mosquito come at you with fury.

Where is the Sunthe first song off the band’s debut EP “Bad Driver” – out on June 4th –  is a combination of energetic lead riffs, heart-pulsing drums, ear-melting harmonies and a passionate lead voice that breaks through the static of life’s monotony.