Never really been a fan of superhero films. Mostly because, for the large part, they are not good films. Just eye candy and short on story, character development and all the other things which add up to make a strong film. Stop the presses but Electra Woman & Dyna Girl was a superhero film which was thoroughly entertaining. In a low budget, B movie kind of way. Meaning it was heavy on the cheese, low on the special effects budget and some uneven acting.

Electra Woman (played by Grace Helig) and Dyna Girl (played by Hannah Hart) are a superhero team. Well, kinda. They are superheroes without any special powers. Basically they are two women in colourful tights. Due to this they have a low profile. That is until they manage to clean up their own little home town in Ohio. Now they are superstars. On the news. The focus of the public’s attention. Hollywood even comes calling.

Electra Woman buys in….totally. She thinks all her dreams of fame and fortune along with getting her hands on some cool gadgets are coming true. One half of the duo is happy anyways. Dyna Girl is not sure that all this is good. That all this fame is too high a price to pay. The former partners seem to be going their own ways.

At this time the big city of Los Angeles really needs the duo’s help. They are under attack from supervillains. Neither will be able to defeat this on their own. The two need to work together at a time when they are not even able to speak to one another.

A reboot of a television series from 1976, here is a 21st century film which retains much of the look and feel of the 1970s. Adds to the whole cheesy factor. Loaded with quirky humour it won’t take long for you to be totally hooked. The laughs often come at the expense of the world today and our seeming obsession with superheroes. A real fresh take on the whole genre.

Special Features:

-Audio Commentary with Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart

-Making of Electra Woman & Dyna Girl

-Inside Creative Masked Management

-Electra Car for Sale

-Making the Movie Poster

-Cam: The Superhero Agency

-Dan Dixon: CMM Super Agent

-Megaline: The Source for Celebrity News

-Everybody Loves Plant Man

-There’s No Sidekick Here

-Grace and Hannah at San Diego Comic-Com

-Previews of Dead Rising: Watchtower