Marti West covers Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’

The English / Italian singer and songwriter Marti West releases his new tracks this Friday. He breathes new life into the Fleetwood Mac classic ‘Everywhere’. Besides the beautiful cover, the double release also contains an acoustic version of that cover.

Marti says about the tracks: “I’ve always been a huge Fleetwood Mac fan, and loved ‘Everywhere’ in particular. It’s been so much fun coming up with ideas to bring out different facets of the song. The classic original is so bouncy and fun, I wanted to explore the more  introspective aspects in the lyrics, whilst not losing sight of the playfulness and excitement in the music.

Marti West’s unique brand of alternative folk blends sweet and bitter sentiments like paint from a softly-placed brushstroke. His disembodied songs never quite settle into one place, yet ultimately exude this warm, welcoming quality that’s further underlined by a voice that passes through rhythm and melody like a billow of fog.

Characterized by ethereal vocals in an affectingly atmospheric setting, Marti’s intimate lyrics and production have drawn comparisons to Bon Iver, Elliott Smith, and Dustin Tebbutt. Whether you prefer warm beaches or cold outstretched landscapes, Marti West always brings a bit of both to the equation. Through the transparency of his autumnal folk-pop, his voice is one of self-possession and substance, here to make you feel very content within each waking moment.

In addition to having radio support from European tastemakers BBC Radio 1 and FIP, West’s songs have been licensed all over the world, including Netflix’s “The Rain”, NBC’s “The Village” and Volvo’s “First Trip” commercial.

‘Everywhere’ will be available on all music platforms this Friday.