This World Alone

We are all preoccupied about what kind of world we are going to be able to return to after the pandemic. If there is an after the pandemic… Throughout the 21st century there has been a rash of television series and films featuring post-apocalyptic storylines. We seem to be aware that with all the pressure we are putting on the planet and environment due to overpopulation and pollution that our time here might be coming to an end. Or at least it won’t be as we know it.

This extremely low budget ($30,000!!!!) and shot quickly over 10 days film addresses this type of story. The world seems to have undergone some sort of cataclysmic event which has left the surviving humans with no technology nor power. People have gone back to very basic forms of existences. They live isolated lives in small communities. Three women live together in a small house in the woods. Teenager Sam (Belle Adams – appeared in episodes of Perry Mason and Grown-ish) lives with her mother, Connie (Carrie Walrond Hood – The Haunting of Hill House, The Accountant), and a kindhearted woman named Willow (Sophie Edwards – appeared in an episode of MacGyver). Connie is tough on her book obsessed daughter wanting her to be able to take care of herself in this dangerous world. Sam would rather just read a book to her pet pig.

While undergoing a rather rough session of hand to hand combat training with her mother, things get heated and Willow is seriously hurt when she steps in to cool things down. Willow is not going to live without some antibiotics so it is decided that Sam is going to travel a couple of days to another settlement to get the medicine. This will be her first time away from home.

While on her walk Sam meets another teenager. At first Sam is hesitant and a bit fearful as she has never met a male. The young man is named Dart (Lau’rie Roach – first feature film). Once Dart reveals he lives in the settlement that Sam is travelling to, they decide to go together. The two teens become close. Dart even gets the antibiotics for Sam and travels back to her home with Sam. Their new friendship is put to the test when another man from Dart’s settlement arrives looking for him. Danger comes with him.

Director Jordan Noel brings forth the rather cool concept of the film. This despite the short shoot and basically no money. An indie film which does not allow a lack of money and time get in the way of the story it is telling. He wisely uses the beauty of nature to catch our eye. Helping him out hugely here is the cast. Especially young actress Belle Adams who is in pretty much every frame of the film. Finally, the script is solid. Filled with a bunch of surprise moments.