TËNK: What’s new on May 21

Here Is What Is by Daniel LanoisAdam Samuels and Adam Vollick (2007)

Tënk is presenting five new documentaries to discover from May 21 to July 17. Last March, the great composer and producer Daniel Lanois, born in Hull (Quebec), released his latest album Heavy Sun, which features gospel influences. To underline the talent and the remarkable career of this legendary musician, Tënk presents the 2007 documentary Here Is What Is, which follows the creative process behind the album of the same name. A unique opportunity to see the magician in action, accompanied by no less spectacular musicians, including his longtime collaborator Brian Eno.

●● A Skin so Soft by Denis Côté, 94 min, 2017

An open exploration of the daily lives of six bodybuilders consumed by their passions: performance, discipline and overcoming the body’s constraints.

●● Transatlantic by Félix Dufour-Laperrière, 71 min, 2014

A crossing of the Atlantic aboard a cargo ship. The journey and the daily life of the men aboard, isolated in the middle of infinity.

●● People of a Feather by Joel Heath, 92 min, 2011

The world of the Inuit on the Belcher Islands, where a unique relationship with the eider duck allows them to survive harsh Arctic winters.

●● Here Is What Is by Daniel LanoisAdam Samuels et Adam Vollick, 88 min, 2007

A dive into the heart of the creative process of legendary composer and producer Daniel Lanois.

●● Je ne suis pas née femme by Lucie Robet, 46 min, 2021

Audio documentary

At 17, Lucie learned that she was born with MRKH, which shook up her identity. At 46, this audio creation is her intersex coming-out. 

(*Only available in French)

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