BJM-Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal Announces a Brand New Creation
VANISHING MÉLODIES – Music by Patrick Watson 
The Premiere takes place November 2nd, 2021 at Théâtre Maisonneuve (Place des Arts) as part of the next season of Danse Danse.
Tickets for the shows on November 2nd – 6th on sale on May 20th at
(Presale for Danse Danse Members May 18-19, 2021)

Hot off the immense success of Dance Me, dedicated to the works of Leonard Cohen (which, itself, generated 150,000 tickets sold, 160 performances in 11 countries) director Eric Jean returns to BJM for a new show featuring the music of yet another renowned Montreal composer: VANISHING MÉLODIES – Music by Patrick Watson is a contemporary ballet that finds its roots at the heart of the music of the celebrated musician, composer and performer whose poetic evocation is hailed on all stages of the world.

“With an exciting new season upon us, it is a tremendous pleasure for us to collaborate on this project with such talented designers and artists. We are also very proud to present a work built upon the music of a Montreal singer-songwriter who is renowned both for his musical genius and for his uniqueness.”
-Marie-Joëlle Tremblay, General Manager of BJM

A woman waits in a bus shelter, alone. The lights of the night are reflected on the wet ground. Sitting on a generic bench, the woman remains motionless. She doesn’t know where she is going, or how she got there. Even her breathing seems to have stopped.
In the twilight, bodies come to life. Intertwine. Memory dissolves. In the dead of night, a strange dance begins, between this woman and the ghosts of her past.

VANISHING MÉLODIES is a contemporary ballet immersed in Watson’s dreamlike lyrical world and expertly brought to form with the remarkable choreography courtesy of Juliano Nunes (Germany) and Anne Plamondon (Quebec, Canada).

 “The choice of Anne Plamondon and Juliano Nunes as choreographers was extremely deliberate, since it was essential, in my opinion, that the company call on choreographers with strong and daring signature styles, thus allowing the 14 performers of the company to continue to reinvent and surpass themselves.”
– Eric Jean, creation and stage director

With this show, consisting of some twenty musical pieces, the two choreographers have combined their talents to create a work in perfect synergy with the music of Patrick Watson. What’s more, for the first time in BJM history, an actress (Brigitte Saint-Aubin) will be sharing the stage with the company’s fourteen dancers. This exhilarating intersection of dance and theatre, which first began with Dance Me, returns once again with an unforgettable performance pulsing with raw emotion. 

“Celebrating the 50th anniversary of a company like BJM is a tremendous opportunity to remind people of the importance the company has played in the dance world, here and elsewhere. Always innovative and constantly evolving, this company has become an audience favourite, decade after decade, thanks to the power and originality of the works it offers.”
– Eric Jean, creation and stage director

An exclusive program marking the company’s 50th anniversary will soon be unveiled. BJM will thus be able to showcase the work of artists through various artistic events, which will take place both across the city of Montreal and online, allowing the public from all over the world to take part in the celebrations.

NB: Ballets Jazz de Montréal takes the safety and health of artists, staff, and the community very seriously, and adheres to the evolving health instructions put in place by the Government of Quebec as they arise.

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