Long Weekend

Science fiction mixed with romance. Not two genres which typically are found together. One based on fact and technology while the other is pure chemistry and whim. As we know, though, opposites do attract. Each fitting nicely into the grooves of the other. Just like Bart and Vienna.

Life is not exactly how Bart (Finn Wittrock – from television’s American Horror Story) pictured. He wanted to be a writer but is struggling with that dream. He did write a novel which did not do well. To pay the bills, he takes a job at a medical office and moves into his best friend Doug’s (Damon Wayans Jr. – The Other Guys, Cherry) garage. Life is not great. He is depressed as his girlfriend broke up with him and ignores the calls from his psychiatrist.

Out after drinking he goes to a movie where he falls asleep. Only waking up when a woman wakes him up to tell him the film is over. Once they start talking, sparks fly. Decide to continue their night going out on a date and then have sex in the hotel where Vienna (Zoe Chao – Where’d You Go, Bernadette?, Downhill) is staying.

The two connect over common pasts, especially that their mothers both died. As he tries to get to know her better she avoids or answers vaguely. Vienna is a bit of a mystery. Then when she finally admits what is going on and it is something Bart could have never guessed.

Though the romance part of the film is rather traditional, what elevates it is the twist of the sci-fi aspect. It is unexpected and works with the quirky storyline and characters involved. Makes for a rather different type of romance film. Breath of fresh air, if you will. Plus it keeps you guessing which is fun.

It’s not easy to be heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. But writer/director Stephen Basilone’s (first film) manages that and more. He is aided in his endeavour by his cast especially the two leads Wittrock and Chao. Both are solid and share great onscreen chemistry.