Blue Miracle on Netflix

Keeping it short and simple, there is nothing not to like with this latest Netflix film. It gives you exactly what you are expecting/hoping for from a film of the sort. Cute kids, a guardian with a heart of gold and a crotchety older guy who is eventually won over by them all. Messages are expressed, lessons are taught and heartwarming moments happen. Yes, it is a rather wholesome film of the type you might have got from Disney back in the day, but there is nothing wrong with that. All you cynics out there calm down and just enjoy Blue Miracle for what it is.

Director and co-writer Julio Quintana (The Vessel) brings us a simple story which is based on a true story. Blue Miracle, in a rather straightforward way, tells us the tale of a miracle needed by a Mexican orphanage which is about to be closed due to a lack of money. Omar (Jimmy Gonzales – from television’s Mayans M.C.) and his wife (Fernanda Urrejola – from television’s Narcos: Mexico) run a orphanage for boys in Cabo, Mexico. They work hard and love all the boys under their care, but money is tight. Money from donors has dried up and they owe a lot to the bank. The due date for the money owed is due. It looks like they are going to have to shut down the orphanage returning all the boys there back to the streets. Unless some kind of miracle happens….soon!

Miracles come in strange forms at times. This time it is a washed up former champion fisher named Wade (Dennis Quaid – The Big Easy, Postcards from the Edge) and a big money fishing competition. The only problem? Omar and the young boys have never really fished before. The odds of them winning the money they need are longer than long.

Who doesn’t like a good underdog story? They don’t have to be shining examples of filmmaking, just have their heart in the right place. This one is all heart. Well, except with Dennis Quaid’s crabby character is barking. It hooks you in despite the fact that you know from minute what what is going to happen. No matter. You are still emotionally invested in Omar and his boys. Cheering for them all the way.

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