A trio of films screening at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival – SHAPELESS (Midnight), SEE FOR ME (Tribeca Online Premieres) and CLAYDREAM (Tribeca Online Premieres).


Writers: Kelly Murtagh, Bryce Parsons-Twesten 

Director: Samantha Aldana 

Producers: Kelly Murtagh, Bobby Gilchrist, Lizzie Guitreau, William Ramsey, R. Todd Campbell, Brian C. Miller Richard 

Starring: Kelly Murtagh, Bobby Gilchrist, Jamie Neumann, Marco Dapper, Erika Ashley, Gralen Bryant Banks, Zardis Nichols 

Ivy, a struggling singer in New Orleans trapped in the hidden underworld of her eating disorder, must face her addiction – or risk becoming a monster. 

Tribeca Film Festival 2021 Premiere – Saturday, June 12th at 8:00p EST at Brooklyn Commons at MetroTech – Available to stream on Sunday, June 13th at 6:00p EST 


Director: Randall Okita 

Screenwriter: Adam Yorke, Tommy Gushue 

Starring: Skyler Davenport, Kim Coates, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Pascal Langdale, Joe Pingue, George Tchortov, Laura Vandervoort 

Producers: Matt Code, Kristy Neville 

Executive Producer: David Di Brina 

Cinematographers: Jackson Parrell, Jordan Oram 

Synopsis: Sophie, a young blind woman, house-sitting at a secluded mansion, finds herself under invasion by thieves seeking a hidden safe. Her only means of defense: a new app called “See For Me.” It connects her to a volunteer across the country who helps her survive by seeing on her behalf. Sophie is connected to Kelly, an army veteran who spends her days playing first person shooter games. Sophie is forced to learn that if she’s going to survive the night, she’ll need all the help she can get. A blind teenage girl who ends up being not so powerless after all. 

Tribeca Film Festival 2021 Premiere – Available to stream on Thursday, June 10 at 8:00 PM 


Writer/Director: Marq Evans 

Featuring: Will Vinton, Bill Plympton, Bob Gardiner, Melissa Mitchell, Chuck Duke, Craig Bartlett 

Producers: Tamir Ardon, Marq Evans, Nick Spicer, Kevin Moyer 

Executive Producers: Nate Bolotin, Aram Tertzakian, Duke Johnson, James A. Fino, Dan Greeney, Kathryn M. Moseley 

Synopsis: A modern day Walt Disney, Will Vinton picked up a ball of clay and saw a world of potential. Known as the “Father of Claymation,” Vinton revolutionized the animation business during the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s. But after 30 years of being the unheralded king of clay, Will Vinton’s carefully sculpted American dream came crumbling down at the hands of an outside investor, Nike’s Phil Knight. 

Tribeca Film Festival 2021 Premiere– Available to stream on Thursday, June 13, at 7:00p EST