In March 2021, the Quartier des spectacles Partnership and Montréal center-ville obtained the confidence of the City of Montreal to tackle the considerable mission of revitalizing its urban center with the help of major animation and development projects. . From Atwater to Papineau, and from Sherbrooke to the St. Lawrence River, the streets of the metropolis are teeming with activities throughout the summer season and become a playground for adventures in the heart of the island !

This summer, the city center has the means to fulfill its ambitions and is multiplying large-scale projects. In the four corners of the heart of the city, discover the warm Oases designed by local designers, spontaneous performances by more than 600 multidisciplinary artists, interactive and colorful installations on pedestrian streets as well as green areas for lounging in the air. ‘shadow.


11 Oases, designed by local designers, offer welcoming and safe spaces to eat, relax or reconnect, while enjoying the wonders of the island in the open air. Animated by spontaneous performances and linked to each other by the path of the heart of the island, these urban islands are accessible every day and aim to support the cultural environment as well as local businesses hard hit by the pandemic.


Between rue Chomedey and rue du Fort

Located west of downtown Montreal, between rue Chomedey and rue du Fort, the installation Les grands jardinsis inspired by the green character of the surroundings. With its spring colors and lush vegetation, it fits into the social and commercial mix that characterizes the place. Urban agriculture and cultural mediation go hand in hand in this Oasis. A vegetable garden and native plantations are maintained by Innovation Jeunes, an organization that offers community space to downtown youth and families. The picked vegetables are also given to the Café de la Maison Ronde, a social economy project of L’Itineraire, whose mission is to promote social diversity and the empowerment of Indigenous people. The Oasis offers a range of street furniture that is both versatile and practical. The colorful graphic signature offers a strong identity to the place that brings residents and passers-by to share a moment, together,their gardens.


Robert-Bourassa Street at the corner of Sainte-Catherine Street West

A portion of Robert-Bourassa Street is transformed into a large colorful rest area with several picnic tables. The Oasis | Gourmet terrace designed by XP_MTL is an ideal place to relax and have lunch between two shopping sprees. On site, a giant menu presents the different take-out meal options from Time Out’s trendy restaurants.


McGill College Avenue at the corner of Sainte-Catherine Street West

This space designed by XP_MTL combines designer furniture and greenery to provide a rest area that allows anyone to take a shopping break, a coffee or an ice cream while admiring a breathtaking view of Mount Royal.


Victoria Square

Like a dazzling bouquet in the heart of downtown Montreal, In the Shadow of the Cosmos takes place at Square Victoria. Suspended from a simple scaffolding structure made of steel pipes, a thousand petals come alive and twirl, making up a colorful landscape constantly renewed by the whims of the wind. While browsing the installation designed by the Choses Communes studio, the public finds themselves in an inverted universe where the sky is an enveloping field of flowers. A shadowy space that is welcome for passers-by and workers of this essential place in the urban center. In the shadow of the cosmos is a colorful invitation to wonder!


Square of the Saint-James United Church

This summer, the beach comes to you! This Oasis, which bears its name aptly, is established in front of the United Church of Saint-James to offer Montrealers the chance to go on vacation in the sun, right in the city center of the metropolis. After long months of confinement, the Oasis | Plage Saint-James invites you to live an exotic and relaxing experience in this furnished resort area. Passers-by can stop there to enjoy the welcoming furnishings, shaded spaces, a seaside soundscape and an incomparable sensation of warm sand underfoot. A unique opportunity to get away from it all in the Quartier!

The musical atmosphere of this Oasis is signed Radio-Canada OHdio.


© Eva Blue


At Hydro-Québec Park and on Clark and Sainte-Catherine streets

The iconic Take a seat!returns for a second year with its inviting yellow table. Doubly longer with its 200 meters, it welcomes twice as many gourmets this summer. Crossing Hydro-Quebec Park, weaving along Clark Street and culminating on Sainte-Catherine Street, this large urban installation undulates under a forest cover revealing a succession of staging and varied atmospheres. To the rhythm of the paintings created by the objects which animate it and which inhabit it, it offers intuitive reference points for an ideal distance. Citizens are invited to imagine a new way to share a moment together at the same table and in complete safety. A true colorful oasis in the heart of the city center, the place arouses curiosity and discovery.

The musical atmosphere of this Oasis is signed Radio-Canada OHdio.


Opening in August

The Esplanade Tranquille, which is scheduled to open in August, is the new public square in the Quartier des spectacles. It pays tribute to the Tranquille bookstore, formerly located on the site, and to its owner Henri Tranquille (1916-2005). An important place for the contemporary history of Quebec, it is here that the Refus global manifesto was launched in 1948. Inspired by the backyard, this esplanade invites Montrealers to enjoy a friendly and welcoming space all year round. playful. A cultural and entertaining offer in the image of the metropolis that will appeal to young and old!


At the corner of Saint-Laurent and René-Lévesque boulevards, in Chinatown

Located at the corner of Saint-Laurent and René-Lévesque boulevards, l’Oasis | Place des wishes is a project that mobilizes a multidisciplinary team made up of designers and artists from the Chinese community of Montreal in an effort to enhance the cultural value of their century-old neighborhood. A few steps from the North Païfang (traditional arch), this new intergenerational space designed by Karen Tam and Jean de Lessard celebrates the tangible and the intangible of Chinese culture. This Oasis, which encircles visitors, is home to a moving forest of 1,000 brightly colored flags inspired by traditional Cantonese operas. In its heart, a splendid wish treeby Karen Tam recalls the “wish trees” found near many Buddhist temples. Enjoy the colors, music and captivating performances all summer long at the Oasis | Place wishes in Chinatown!

The musical atmosphere of this Oasis is signed Radio-Canada OHdio.


With the greatest concentration of terraces in Montreal, which form its signature, the Latin Quarter is the ideal place to spend its 5 to 7. On a pedestrian Saint-Denis street, the atmosphere is festive and friendly with street furniture including a plasterboard with breathtaking views of the neighborhood, participatory art exhibitions, greening, lighting, a huge fresco, new murals and much more.

The musical atmosphere of this Oasis is signed Radio-Canada OHdio.


Place Émilie-Gamelin

For this 7 thseason, Montrealers are welcomed to a new and colorful space! An authentic and friendly place to live, the Jardins Gamelin is an ideal place to enjoy the beautiful summer days. During a stopover, visitors can appreciate its green setting, with its many thematic gardens, its greenhouse and its butterfly house. They can also have a snack on its redefined terrace characterized by its luminous canopy and musical atmosphere. Like its playful neighborhood, young and old alike can come together around giant versions of classic games from our childhood. Finally, as a common thread of the season, artist residencies are set up in the Gardens to create works, offer artistic and cultural services in collaboration with different audiences,

The musical atmosphere of this Oasis is signed Radio-Canada OHdio.


© Eva Blue

The original installation In my yard … it’s doggy! and the Giant Chess Games are extended for the start of summer! Picnic tables with illustrations by six local artists are displayed in the street, as well as our furniture and umbrellas from April. In addition, starting in June, scenographic elements, furniture and surprises are gradually installed throughout Sainte-Catherine Street.

The musical atmosphere of this Oasis is signed Radio-Canada OHdio.


From June until the fall, theater, dance, music, circus, humor, visual and digital arts will be put forward to offer the public and artists the opportunity to come together, through artistic performances. . More than 600 artists and 450 brilliant performances will entertain young and old all summer long.

Details of the Heart Island Adventures lineup will continue to be unveiled over the coming weeks.


Born of a fruitful association between the Quartier des spectacles Partnership and downtown Montreal, in collaboration with Tourisme Montreal and with the financial support of the City of Montreal, Les aventures du cœur de l’îleis the summer revival project for downtown Montreal. Mobilizing the actors of the cultural and economic sectors of the territory, the initiative brings together the various activities proposed within the framework of the project as well as by all of its partners. From Atwater streets to Papineau, between Sherbrooke Street and the St.Lawrence River, the city center is the backdrop for an evolving and progressive animation thanks to various pedestrianization projects, safety developments of the public space as well as as spontaneous performances and an enhanced cultural offer. From June to fall, these initiatives are an invitation to the public of Montreal and neighboring regions to participate in the revival of Montreal and to enjoy the wonders of the island under the open sky.

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