Songs and Dances of the Inanimate World – The Subway (1985) by Pierre Hébert

This week, Tënk offers a foray into the work of animation giant Pierre Hébert following the release of the director’s book, Toucher au cinéma (Éditions Somme toute).

To explore his inimitable approach from the inside, Tënk highlights four films selected by Marcel Jean, director of the Cinémathèque québécoise and author of a book on the creation of Pierre Hébert. Combining many disciplines (music, engraving, poetry, drawing), the filmmaker has pursued a prosperous career for 60 years, with over 40 films to his credit, including three feature films.

Available June 4 to July 31:

●●In the Stillness of Sounds by Stéphane Manchematin and Serge Steyer, 91 min, 2018

A journey to the land of sounds, where a sound engineer strives to capture the sounds of the natural world, soon followed by his young daughter.

●● John Cage – Halberstadtby Pierre Hébert, 11 min, 2013

12th note change in the John Cage composition Organ²/ASLSP, meant to be played over a period of 639 years.

●● Thunder Riverby Pierre Hébert, 8 min, 2011

A rock face in the Côte-Nord region. A meditation about opacity, about the fissures that can open up anything, any situation on the infinity of meaning.

●● Herquevilleby Pierre Hébert, 22 min, 2007

Meditation on a place; Herqueville, a village in Normandy located downhill from a nuclear waste treatment plant.

●● Songs and Dances of the Inanimate World – The Subway by Pierre Hébert, 14 min, 1985

Observation of reports of aggression in the Montréal subway; people who cross paths and ignore each other; the devouring machines that reign there.

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