The design studio specializing in the design of Jacques and Anna lighting is now located at 5831-A Avenue du Parc. The small boutique, carefully furnished by Anaïe Dufresne, is the perfect place to discover the creations of the Montreal company and meet the team. On site, it will also be possible to discover their new collection, find lamps from previous collections and take advantage of the tailor-made creation service.  

Like the last collections, the elementary character of light as a beacon and as a refuge remains the main leitmotif of Jacques and Anna’s creative process. The new collection, a few models of which were premiered at SOUK Habitat last December, consists of four matrix pieces inspired by lighting devices from the navigation world; anchor lights, lighthouse, buoys, watch lights. These four more sculptural lights were the starting point to develop a series of equally unique but more affordable models. Thus the company offers, for each of them, one or two variations of scale models which, in addition to being easily installed, comfort and embellish.  

Designer Anaïe Dufresne, whose creations can be seen in various restaurants (Le Candide, Le Clocher Penché, Le Paloma, Le Têta, le Shay, or even the Trois fois par jour boutique) is taking advantage of the opening of this new space to unveil its 2021 collection. 

Wishing to push the limits of their latest achievements, the studio reiterates its inclination for textures by putting forward these two favorite materials; ceramics and ductal concrete. Once again, Jacques & Anna is working with ceramist Sarah-Jeanne Riverdy for the making of these pieces which will sometimes turn out to be soft and matt, sometimes wet and icy and sometimes textured and engraved. For this new series, the presence of steel is more effaced but remains a must in their assemblies and a clear emphasis is given to the colors and finishes of the paints chosen. 

5831-A Avenue du Parc, Montreal 
Opening hours:
Thursday and Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday 12 p.m. to 5

p.m. jacquesetanna.com

About Jacques and Anna: 

Jacques & Anna is a Montreal-based design studio specializing in the design of lighting. The fundamental role of light in the environment, both in terms of its plastic and textural expressions and in practice, is at the heart of the concerns of the company. 

On the strength of a father-daughter collaboration, the company is rooted in the pooling of their respective areas of expertise. Jacques Pharand recently retired after having worked more than 35 years as an engineer, he intervenes sporadically for technical drawings and many manufacturing challenges but it is Anaïe Dufresne who holds the reins of the company. Having cut his teeth in the field of theater as a scenographer, his fascination with lighting has proven to be an essential guide in his academic and professional career. 

Strongly influenced by architecture and sculpture, the latter uses her knowledge of matter and light to create skilfully designed objects so lighting becomes both beacon and shelter. Anaïe’s working method is first and foremost focused on the customer journey. Indeed, the entrepreneur favors an approach of listening and conviviality where the taking of needs is law and where the collaborative nature of the tailor-made is valued.

As many large-scale commercial and residential contracts as small ambitious projects have seen the light of day since the company was founded in 2014. The restaurants Le Candide, Le Fricot, Le Paloma, Le Têta, the Cerise wine bar, the boutique and the 3 Times a day offices, the Shay, to name a few, display the colors of Jacques & Anna.  The company also had the pleasure of working with highly talented architects and designers such as LaShed, CatherineCatherine, Jean de Lessard, Ivy Studio, Apparatus Architecture, etc. 

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