After the kidnapping of a young Thai girl a former government black ops agent ( played by Jung-min Hwang) is forced to reemerge as it turns out he has some links to what happened. He teams up with Yui (played by Jeong Min Park) to make it happen.

In Thailand he begins to uncover what he can on the child trafficking ring which he believes has her. But once back in Thailand his presence becomes known and there are those who would like to get their hands on In-nam. Payback is a bitch especially when it comes in the form of a gangster who is known as The Butcher (played by Jung-jae Lee). Blood starts flowing and rarely stops!

Will remind many of the Liam Neeson film Taken. Similar yet different is my answer to that. Does enough to separate itself. More than the fact that it is Korean. First off, those action sequences! Wow! Mind blowing at times! So much fun if you go for that type of thing. What will surprise many will be the depth of the emotions involved. It goes deeper into the human element than your typical action film does.

On the down side what does stop it from being a truly great action film are a bunch of awkward moments. Moments that not only feel out of order but manipulative. There are scenes which have no other purpose than to toy with your emotions. None have any real tie to the story going on.

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