In the Cards @ Tribeca

Whatever happened to the 30 minute shows? There used to be a plethora of them, mostly sit-coms, but now precious few. Those were the good ole days for comedy, I guess. Getting to the matter at hand, In the Cards is a series screening in the Episodic section at Tribeca. It is a 30 minutes show which exists in the strange world of psychics. A dark comedy which pretty much paints them all with the same they are scammers brush.

Straight out of the brain of creator/director Colin Kane Healey, we meet a young woman named Dinah (Eleanore Pienta – appeared in episodes of Broad City and Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack), who is a psychic. Or so she claims. Actually she is more of a scammer as it seems like she has as much of a third eye as I do. She is in it to find that elusive rich yet naive person who will funnel money her way.

Despite her lofty goals she seems to be still struggling. On the streets of New York City, where she is handing out her cards to people passing by and mostly have to deal with their ignoring her or verbal abuse. Not very glamourous. Obviously not successful as she is living in her boss’s (Sherilyn Fenn – from television’s Twin Peaks) closet. She still dreams of houses in the Hamptons and $1,100 boots. While the beach house slips between her fingers, Dinah does buy the boots, but that does not turn out well.

A dark comedy which really treads on the weird side. The indication of that is that Ray Wise and Sherilyn Fenn are in the series. But instead of being a good weird like Twin Peaks or Broad City it just feels forced to me. Admittedly I only saw the first episode, entitled The Fool, so it is premature to totally write the series off. Here’s to hoping that in subsequent episodes it does not try so hard and gives us a little more of the characters’ arcs.

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