See For Me @ Tribeca

Home invasion films. Been there done that is your first thought, no? Well, you most certainly have not seen it done this way. Good filmmakers and screenwriters can take a film genre or subject which has been done to death and bring something new to it. Writers Adam Yorke (first feature film) and Tommy Gushue (first feature film) have constructed a cool concept and director Randall Okita (The Lockpicker) brings it to life. And it is a tension-filled but fun ride!

Former skier Sophie (Skyler Davenport – appeared in episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles and The Leftovers) has adjusted to living life as a sightless person. She has been hired as a cat sitter. The cats she is taking care of reside in a secluded mansion. Seems like a simple enough job until three thieves decide to break into the house with the aim of locating the hidden safe.

Obviously without the ability to see Sophie is in big trouble. But technology in the form of a phone app called See For Me and an army veteran (Jessica Parker Kennedy – from television’s The Flash) step in to even things out.

All the elements you could hope for from a thriller of this sort are here. It is a dark, eerie setting with all the film aspects like sound, cinematography and score aiding in the creation of a really tense watch. The big mansion is just as important a part of the film as the actors. With all its dark corners, long halls and multitude of space, Sophie going through the house with neither she nor us what lies around the next corner really ups your anxiety level as you watch.

While the entire cast does a good job there are two standouts. Kim Coates of Sons of Anarchy fame turns in a good performance as a bad guy. Then there is lead Skyler Davenport, who is actually blind. She really brings to life the inner battles Sophie is waging due to some of the things she is forced to do.

Don’t go into this one with expectations as they will all be blown up in a film which will keep you guessing while watching from the edge of your seat.

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