The Unholy – Blu-ray Edition

Organized religion is something which brings millions or even billions of people comfort, but there is also another side to it for many. That side is scary. I don’t know if it is the leap of faith and lack of real control involved, the perceived power or the unknown which scares people. There is something. The horror film industry has latched on to that fear, riding it to make billions of dollars over the decades. The Unholy, released this year, is one of the latest additions to that particular roster. It involves the Virgin Mary, a young girl and the power to heal. Underneath all the apparent good lurks something evil.

Nothing new in the religion/horror subgenre is brought to the table here. Acting is solid and the special effects are decent. Not horrible. Definitely not the worst horror film I have seen. Where the problems start is in the pay off section of the film. Clichés pile up, one on top of another. You will find your eyes beginning to roll and attention to stray. Then all erupts into a flaming pile of crap by the final scenes. Terrible ending. Ruins anything good which came before it.

Alice (played by Cricket Brown) is a teenage girl who lives with hearing impairment. One of many. She suddenly becomes one of one when she is visited by the Virgin Mary. After the visit she can now not only hear and speak but possesses the power to heal others. Millions now are interested in the teen who can perform miracles in the name of the Virgin Mary.

A doubter of what is going on is disgraced journalist Gerry Fenn (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan). He believes there is something more going on here so he begins to look into the phenomenon. Strange things start occurring. Something is going on and it is not the Virgin Mary.

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