Two Films by Dieudo Hamadi

Making its streaming premiere this week is Dieudo Hamadi‚Äôs Downstream to Kinshasa, the first film from the DRC to be an official selection at Cannes Film Festival, and the first Academy Awards submission by the Democratic Republic of Congo. The documentary captures the long journey of the victims of the war between Uganda and Rwanda who seek justice, dignity and compassion.

Also new: The short documentary Ladies in Waiting, co-directed with Divita Wa Lusala, exposes the conditions of a run-down maternity hospital in Congo. A ward of women who recently had their babies wait to be allowed to leave. The problem? They cannot pay their hospital fees.

Our Time
A Film by Carlos Reygada

Hailed by Sight & Sound as as “the one-man third wave of Mexican cinema,” we have the internationally acclaimed filmmaker Carlos Reygadas’ masterpiece about jealousy Our Time available to stream on OVID.

Growing Up
A Curated Collection
A bittersweet collection of documentaries and a few fiction films on a wide range of childhoods and childhood experiences around the world, from the adventures and idylls of growing up, to coping with personal challenges, and facing terrible tragedies.