Silent Night

British gangster flicks are a whole genre. A genre which has produced many a highly entertaining and watchable movies. Here is one from director/screenwriter Will Thorne (first feature film) which contains all kinds of fun in the form of dark humour, great cinematography, gritty dialogue, cool music, and solid performances from the cast.

After recently getting out of jail, Mark (Bradley Taylor – appeared in episodes of 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover and Eastenders) has one thing on his mind and that is reconnecting with his daughter. It is Christmas time and he just wants to give her one to remember.

Part one of the plan is to find a job which is not exactly easy for an ex-con. While not finding a job he runs into his former cellmate, Alan (Cary Crankson – from television’s Doctors). He does need a friend. Unfortunately Alan thinks Mark should dive back into a life of crime.

That decision is taken out of Mark’s hands when a rather evil crime boss named Caddy (Frank Harper – Bend It Like Beckham, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) blackmails him into doing a final job.

Some films come out of nowhere. They sneak up on you and attack. In a good way. You go in with no expectations and bam! You find yourself enjoying the 93 minutes of the run time. Yes it is a low budget film and all that comes along with that. In the end I was left wondering what Thorne would do with a big budget.

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