Highly acclaimed at-home audio experience, DARKFIELD RADIO, is back in the USA and Canada for second season, KNOT, this June.

Part of the Tribeca Film Festival Immersive Lineup, KNOT is a three-part immersive audio experience
designed for one person which unfolds in three different locations in one evening, blurring the lines
between real and imagined.

Produced in by Melbourne-based company Realscape Productions, KNOT takes audiences through
three intersecting, interwoven episodes revolving around a traumatic event, questioning how
inevitable anything is.

In the first episode audiences will situate themselves on a park bench, the second in a car, and the
third in a room of their home. For the story to be complete, all three episodes will need to be

‘Here I am, I have come from nothing, created in this moment, as your brain improvises me into
existence, improvised into existence… but with no hidden depths.’

“DARKFIELD RADIO Season 1 exposed audiences to the mysterious and supernatural inside their
homes, magnified by Darkfield’s signature 360 degree binaural sound”, said Amy Johnson, producer
at Realscape Productions. “We’re looking forward to getting audiences outside of their homes for
Season 2, in COVID-safe settings of course, and pushing them out of their comfort zones even more.”

Ahead of the Season 2 launch in North America and Canada on 25 June, 2021, DARKFIELD RADIO
Season 1 (DOUBLE, VISITORS and ETERNAL) is broadcasting to homes for a limited season until 20
June. DARKFIELD Radio Season 1 was the first ever audio-only experience to be a part of Venice
International Film Festival, before being nominated for various awards at Raindance Film Festival.

“After the world spent so much time at home in 2020, we knew we had to think outside the box for the
second season of Darkfield Radio,” commented DARKFIELD Artistic Directors Glen Neath and David
Rosenberg. “We hope audiences will enjoy this cyclical story, conjured into existence by a collective
effort and tied up like a knot with no ends. It will also give audiences a chance to immerse themselves
in some new places”.

KNOT will run from 5pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from June 25 to September 30, 2021.
Tickets are available at https://www.darkfieldradio.com/tickets .

Darkfield Radio Season 1 will run every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with DOUBLE at 7pm
EDT and PDT VISITORS at 8pm EDT and PDT, and ETERNAL at 9pm EDT and PDT. Tickets via
https://www.darkfieldradio.com/tickets .

For more information visit www.darkfieldradio.com

Instagram: @darkfield.live
Facebook: Darkfield North America
Twitter: @realscapeprods