Kelsey Grammer, Anna Friel, Sean Astin star in CHARMING THE HEARTS OF MEN

Release Date: August 13, 2021

Director/Writer: S.E. DeRose

Starring: Kelsey Grammer, Anna Friel, Sean Astin, Aml Ameen, Diane Ladd, Jill Marie Jones, Tina Ilev, Courtney Gaines, Starletta DePois, Pauline Dyer, Curtis Hamilton, Henry Saners, Justice Leak and Tom Shanley

Producers: Brian David Cange, S.E. DeRose, Richard T. Lewis

Executive Producer: David Gendron

Synopsis: A romantic drama set during the politically charged early 60s where a sophisticated woman returns to her Southern home town and discovers her options are limited yet discrimination is plentiful. With the help of a Congressional ally, she inspires historic legislation which allows opportunities and protections never before afforded to women.

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