The super alcohol company Drav is launching two new ready-to-drink cocktails: an alcohol-free Long Island Iced Tea and a Tom Collins based on Gin Menaud. Located in the facilities of the Charlevoix Menaud distillery, Drav is well known for its IPA, ISA, APA, IRA and WIT beers with colorful and vintage labels. With these two novelties, Drav continues to offer products that are as delicious as they are bold in their design. The main challenge? Create cocktails made from real ingredients and especially without natural aromas — unlike the majority of ready-to-drink that we find on tablets today.

LONG ISLAND ICED TEA (alcohol-free)
Why not take the most alcoholic cocktail of the 90s and dealcoholize it? This crazy idea gives rise to a happy mix: an iced tea with aromas of fresh citrus, notes of vanilla and mint. Made in collaboration with the homemade 3/4 oz. cola syrup, a maceration of dunes pepper, lemon juice, dark chocolate bitter and vodka is then added. So, as the vinyl of the Fugees plays on the record player, lie down in the sun and let yourself be lulled by the nostalgia that inspires this wonderful cocktail. As a bonus, we keep a cool head, because everything is alcohol-free. Available in SAQ / $7.20 / <0.5% alcohol / 250 ml.

Tom Collins, it’s a cocktail as old as the world oh so delicious. With an opalescent dress with rosacea reflections, the result is a fine balance between a fresh lemonade and Gin Menaud. With the cold maceration of quebec dunes pepper, we will look for the floral side of the pepper and not its tannins. Then, we mix Quebec honey, lemon juice, Menaud Gin, organic cane sugar and water. It is one of the most “local” ready-to-drink on the market, although obviously lemon juice and cane sugar do not come from here. An honestly simple and exquisite classic.  Available in SAQ / $14.80 / 7% alcohol / 250 ml.

For more information about Drav products, visit the website here.