Best Actor – Sébastien Ricard

Best Costume Design – Francesca Chamberland

Best Art Direction – Patrice Bengle and Louise Tremblay

Directed by Benoit Pilon

Written by Normand Bergeron,

Marc Robitaille and Benoit Pilon 

Produced by Chantal Lafleur

Starring Sébastien Ricard, Rémy Girard, François Papineau, Fabien Cloutier, Émilie Bibeau, Xavier Huard and Arnaud Vachon

The dramatic feature film features an impressive cast with Sébastien Ricard (Brother Jean), Rémy Girard (Brother Léon), François Papineau (Brother Cyprien), Fabien Cloutier (Brother Lucien), Émilie Bibeau (Marguerite), Xavier Huard (Brother Mathieu), Arnaud Vachon (Émile Lacombe), Alexandre Perreault (Jérôme), Alexis Guay (Chouinard), Xavier Rivard-Désy (François) and Guy Thauvette (Brother Roséa). Pierre Lapointe and Guido Del Fabbro wrote the music for the film. THE VINLAND CLUB will return to theatres in Quebec on Friday, August 6, 2021. The film has just won three Iris Awards at the Québec Cinéma galas; best actor for Sébastien Ricard, best costume design for Francesca Chamberland and best art direction for Patrice Bengle and Louise Tremblay.

The Vinland Club is the story of an exceptional educator in a boys’ college in eastern Quebec in the late 1940s. Adored by his students but perceived as too disturbing by the superiors of his congregation, the charismatic Brother Jean was a progressive herald of the changes to come in Quebec in the 1950s and 1960s. Wanting at the same time to solve a historical enigma, motivate his students and prevent the dropping out of Émile, a student in difficulty, Brother Jean undertook to conduct archaeological excavations aimed at proving the establishment of a Viking settlement (Vinland) on the Coast of the St. Lawrence. The company will turn the life of the college upside down and leave its mark on the fates of young Émile – and brother Jean himself.